Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Marlin Madness

September has always been a great month for White Marlin Fishing and this year it did not disappoint. The Lizanne had a great September posing numbers a year ago they could only dream of.

September 21st was their last trip of the year, which proved to be a Tuesday they would never forget. The marlin bite was going off as Capt Bob scrambled to get his crew together for this last minute trip. He planned to pull out at 3:00AM Tuesday morning and head 125 miles south.

As the sun began to raise, the crew put out their last spread to start the day. It suddenly became non-stop Marlin action. Capt. John Ball put them on the spot. There were Marlin everywhere. The crew of the Lizanne had doubles and triples, which tested all the skills of the captain and crew.

After all the big time action subsided they decided to call lines in, but not before going 15 for 20 for the day and a personal best for the Lizanne. Capt Bob explains, “I remember as we were cruising back to Cape May, I was thinking to myself that was one of the most memorable fishing days I had ever had.” You can read more about this day in the September Issue of Marlin Magazine

Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Tournament Concluded

The 2010 summer flew as the Lizanne went through its robust fishing schedule. They participated in all the major fishing tournaments with an average showing. The tournament season for any crew is filled with great fun and excitement, but can very demanding. The challenge of the Capt and crew to prepared and compete with full time charter boats and the best fisherman in the circuit is what drives the Lizanne. All said and done, the Lizanne had a safe and adventurous 2010 tournament season.