Friday, July 31, 2009

'In the Pit' with Bob Mormile

Stone Harbor White Marlin Invitational

Day 1

The fishing was slow during the first morning for the Lizanne. We had our first white marlin up in the spread at 10:00 but the fish was not interested. Afternoon came around with no luck so we made a 10 mile move at 1:00 that proved to save the day. The first white came into the spread at 1:30 which raised the excitement level to quickly hook and release him. About an hour later a second white surfaced and we were able to hook & release him with a great team effort. Once day one was complete the crew and I were able to look back in excitement for the first white marlin caught on the Lizanne. It was a great moment for everyone.

Day 2

The second day was slow for us as well and weren't seeing anything all morning. We took a gamble and chased some water up north with no success. Made a late day move south and inshore that proved to salvage the day with raising & hooking a white and releasing shortly after.

My special thanks to the team of the Lizanne as they all did a great job. This was a especially impressive due to the fact that we are still working out the fishing kinks on the new boat and testing the new dredge set ups. Great job Capt. John for taking the risk on the late day moves to restore the day and put us into the fish. The one thing I can say so far is that the Lizanne is definitely 'luring the fish'

Tight Lines

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