Thursday, August 13, 2009

White Marlin Open 09' - Team 'Covert Mission'

Despite 'LizAnne’s' absents from the esteemed White Marlin Open due to scheduling conflicts, owner Bob Mormile partnered up with owner Jim McCarthy of the Covert Mission to go after the big prize money offered in Ocean City Maryland.

The partners consisted of four boat owners: Jim McCarthy of the ‘Covert Mission’, Jim Miner of the ‘Judge’, Bob Mormile of the ‘LizAnne’, and Don Gentillini of the ‘Super Crew’.

It was an electrifying week of fishing for the crew of the Covert Mission who were able to seek out action each day they fished. Day 1 the crew went three of four white marlin to put them in the top range of the release category. Day 2 released two whites on a slower fish day but still able to remain in contention.
The drama came down on the last fish day with some big decisions to be made for the Convert Mission team. With a state record Blue Marlin at 1,062lbs and a 93.5lbs white marlin, biggest catch in 20 years, at the top of the leader boards it was a unanimous decision to continue the quest for the Most Release white marlin category.
Day 3: The conditions were less than desirable with 15 to 20 knot winds and seas ranging 4 to 6 feet as the Convert Mission’s morning started out slow with no action. Capt Keith Greenberg was pondering a move with only four hours to go in the tournament that would be considered a ‘Captain’s Sense.’ With no real indicators of desirable water or positive reports from the fleet, Keith made a risky move based on years of experience. Roughly 10 minutes into the new spot, a couple white marlins showed up and the team quickly hooked and released a double. The team’s energy level was running high and the focus could have been comparable to that of a playoff game in the 4th quarter with two minutes to go. Capt. Keith continued to work the area hard with their next White hook up and release 54 minutes later. With only an hour and a half left in the tournament the Covert Mission was three for three on white marlin which put them right back in the hunt. With 15 minutes left in the final day they were able to hook up with another white; knowing that releasing this white could be the difference between in or out of the money, Capt. Keith directed the crew to clear the lines in order ensure a clean fight. Once the white was released the final day came to an end with the crew of the Covert Mission going 4/4 on Day 3.

To sum it up for the tournament the Covert Mission had nine White Marlin which put them into prize money:
First- Daily Release Category for Friday
Third- Release Overall Category.

"What a great Friday. Great job Captain Keith Greenberg and the team of the Covert Mission for a memorable week at the White Marlin Open."

Tight Lines
Capt. Bob

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