Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mid Atlantic 500,000 2010

Intensity Boat Works first custom build, Lizanne, had a disappointing Mid Atlantic fishing tournament.

Day 1: Three White Marlin for the day. As the boat headed home they came up on the Dixie Devil that was drifting and tending to a boat fire. The Lizanne circled coming upon the crew scrambling to get the situation under control. To make sure, the Lizanne ended up escorting Dixie Devil home having no electronics and only one motor. It made for an extended first day, as they did not pull into port until about 2:30 am. Unwritten Code of the Sea: No boat gets left behind without securing them to port; any boat would have done the same.

Day 2: Lizanne changes over to fish for Blue Marlin for the remainder of the tournament as the White Marlin category was locked up. The Blue Marlin did not want to play with the crew of the Lizanne, as they did not have a bite for their last two days of fishing.

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