Friday, May 8, 2009

A Chance to Reminisce - Bahamas Part 1

As we all get older we tend to get caught in the hectic fast paced lifestyle that life ends up dealing us. The years seem to fly-by and life becomes more complicated. For Bob Mormile, founder of Intensity Boatworks, the Lizanne gives him a chance to stop life in its tracks and enjoy his hobby at his own pace. Although it’s not always about the boat building and intense fishing for Bob; it’s also having the chance to enjoy memorable moments and reminisce about the good ol’days.
Similar to the most recent trip, the Maiden Voyage, it was back to the Bahamas. However, the Maiden Voyage purpose was to begin the life of the Lizanne, this trip was to celebrate the life and achievements of a group of friends. With that said Bob Mormile will narrate the trip as he saw it in his eyes.

“At times when the days seem to get long and hard I am always able to ground myself by remembering the days of my youth and the long term friendship that I have maintained over the years. This trip was special to me because one of my high school buddies was turning 50, the first in our group to reach this milestone. We designed the celebration to be a surprise for our friend. The plan was to have him kidnapped and taken away not knowing the destination. Both of my friends are not avid fisherman but have fished before. For me this trip wasn’t as mush about the fishing but the memories of spending time with old friends. After a month of planning the day, Wednesday April 29th, finally came. Steve (the birthday boy) was asked by my friend Scott to take him to the airport. As they continued to the airport, accompanied by Steve’s wife, Steve was just thinking he was doing a favor. When they pulled up to the airport Scott and Steve got out of the car to unload Scott’s luggage. The last bag was unloaded from the trunk, as the plan stated, Steve’s wife pulled away from the curb leaving the guys behind. Steve saw his wife pull away without him when he said, “what the f....k,” and at that moment Scott handed him an airline ticket, a passport and a birthday card. Still uncertain about what was going on Scott said, “Steve, follow me and don’t ask any questions.”

When they entered the airport and headed towards security I was coming up the elevator toward them. Timing couldn’t have be any better as I saw my friend Steve standing there confused and bewildered I hugged him and said, “follow us.” Once we entered the terminal and Steve saw the screen for West Palm Beach. We briefed him on the itinerary to head to the Bahamas on the Lizanne as the level of excitement rose and the surprise was completed successfully.

Check back for Part 2....

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