Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day Blue Marlin

It was time for the Lizanne to return from Pirates Cove, NC to her homeport of Cape May, NJ. The Intensity Crew part of which consisted of three generations of Mormile’s departed on a beautiful Friday morning out of Oregon inlet. The plan was to fish their way home to Cape May, NJ by Sunday - Fathers Day.

The fishing started out slow with not much action in the early morning bite. Capt. John noticed some potentially good “Marlin” water roughly 60 miles north of their location forcing the Lizanne to pick up and run. The Crew arrived at the new spot around 11:00AM, which was quickly followed by the “lines in” routine and begun to troll. The new spot had a clear, deep blue and lively presence along with the ‘we’re not alone’ feeling below. After about 30 minutes the Lizanne caught a couple of routine dolphin. Later, around noon time, the ‘we’re not alone’ feeling came to life…“On the right short!” was yelled as the 70 Bent Butt was crushed by a Blue Marlin and quickly disappeared as the crew aimlessly waited. Then the 50 Tuna Rod on the right long was crushed and taken by the Blue Marlin. The action started to heat up!! With the 50 screaming, they cleared lines at warp speed. Bob Mormile, owner and proud father of two, jumped into the chair as the Father’s Day chase began.

With ¾ of a spool out, they started to get back line. Having only 100 lb. leader, they weren’t sure how long it would hold up. As Capt. John chased the Marlin, the crew saw his first jump with the consensus of, ‘big’. It had a lot of girth, and like a simple math problem in a text book, the crew knew in a matter of minutes the solution would soon read, ‘error’. After about 45 minutes of the careful maneuvering by Capt. John, along with the experienced angler of Bob Mormile, they were able to make the first attempt at a release. They came back around on the fish when mate Shane grabbed the leader to complete the catch. “This fish wants nothing to do with us,” said Bob, as the Marlin whipped from the starboard side of the boat and circled the transom. Bob was right, as the Marlin needed to show that he comes with baggage, he bolted up the port side of the boat and stuck his bill in the sporty custom side vent. “Good God!” shouted mate Shane as he let the leader go. Roughly 30 minutes later the crew had the fish at the leader and finally under control. The blue Marlin was at least 500 lbs, and while taking a moment to appreciate this great fish, everyone thought about how this was a great Father’s Day present. Let’s not forget that the Blue wasn’t leaving that party empty handed as the crew watched him swim away with white fiberglass from the sporty vent on the tip of his bill. Congrats team Lizanne on another great day.

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