Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OTAs- Mr. Blue Honored Guest

OTAs 2(Organized Team Activities) Saturday June 5th, 2010 - the Lizanne finally produced it’s first Blue Marlin.

It was a typical day out at Organ Inlet with the wind blowing 20Knots, and the seas at 6’ Perfect Blue Marlin weather. With the blue marlin bite on, the Lizanne set out with one thing on their mind - catch the boats first Blue. On the boat was Bob's long time high school friend, Carlton (Butch) Boon, son Mike Mormile, Kenny, Chapie, Capt. John and mate Shane. After a slow morning with no bites in blended water Capt. John heard reports of some warm water about 20 miles south of our location. It was 10:15 and the crew had to make a decision to stay and work the area, or run and take a gamble on chasing the water. The decision was unanimous: pick up lines and head south in rough head seas. Lizanne made the trip in 45 minutes thanks to the outstanding ride of the custom 'wave form hull' (see website).

With lines in, the crew produced their first dolphin in 30 minutes; shortly after, Carlton reeled the second dolphin in the new spot. Following the ''Gaffers' ball'', Capt John yelled from the bridge, "Marlin on the left teaser!" Fashionably late Mr. Blue showed up approx. 12:30pm with his tuxedo on and shiny black shoes. Let the party begin...as the crew took to their spots trying to feed the marlin an appetizing lunch. For 300 yards the marlin followed the spread until Capt John took control. From the bridge, in the shot gun, John hooked Mr. Blue as Mike Mormile jumped in the chair and strapped in. Let the dance begin...1 hour later, Mike had the Blue Marlin to the boat. It was around 300 lbs and all heart. Shane and Bob removed the hook, revived the Marlin as they sent him back to dance another day. Bob explains the experience, "It was a great moment for all, as our mission was accomplished. Thanks to Capt John for a great move to some of the prettiest blue water I have seen in a while."

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