Thursday, March 5, 2009

‘LizAnne’ gets the spotlight for IBW

Intensity Boat Works received recognition from Master Entertainment Group during the 2009 Miami Boat Show. MEG, who produces TV programs for SUN Sports, Verses, and ESPN2, routinely attends boat shows to cover and find boats or products that stand out in the crowd. The Miami Boat Show offers various types of unique boats and top products in the fishing and boating industry. When IBW received word that MEG is interested in producing a 3min spot on the ‘Lizanne’ their first reaction was in excitement; quickly followed by, “holy shit.”

Upon anticipation of production, on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, IBW walked through how we would present the beauty of ‘LizAnne.’ They had everything prepared from who will talk about which area and what need to be said. Once the film crew and host came on board we gave them a quick tour. Leading to the start of filming, the Host realized there was no way they could cover all this boat has to offer in 3 minutes. MEG was so impressed with IBW’s story that they increased the 3 minutes spot to a 30 minutes full show segment. When the last ‘take’ was filmed everyone was on cloud nine. The feeling of being notice for all the hard work and sweat that you put into a project like this finally pays off. It seemed to be a great experience to even go through the process, even if it doesn’t hit the main stream. Any exposure is better than no exposure and especially if you are just entering a competitive industry like IBW.

As of now, IBW is unsure when the piece will air. There is still more filming that is going to be done at their corporate location in Philadelphia to show the parts and components division.IBW is told that it will air at least once on the Verses channel and three times on the SUN sports channel in Florida. Check back for further updates on an exact times for the segment.

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