Monday, March 16, 2009

Maiden Voyage Part 1

When Captain John Ball took a look at the extended forecast for the Bahamas it was not looking good for the ‘LizAnne’ Maiden Voyage Fishing Trip. A low pressure system that swept through the east coast and the Caribbean still had rough seas lingering. Anyone who has passed thought the Gulf Stream knows that it could be an unpleasant trip if you catch it at the wrong time. Owner Bob Mormile who was closely tuned to the forecast as well said, “It would be a game time decision on where we take her.” Regardless of the forecast the preparations for the Fishing Maiden Voyage still had to carry on. Appointed mates, and sons, Mike and Andrew Mormile got all the preparations needed from boat detail to previsions. As the morning came, Captain John and Bob looked at buoy weather with immense anticipation. After talking it over the announcement came and it was decide that the trip to the Bahamas will continue as planned. Once the call was made the crew of the ‘LizAnne’ quickly completed the final touches and headed out.


‘LizAnne’ left port and hit the inlet of Palm Beach, Andrew Mormile brought an ancient ritual to the crew’s attention when launching a ship. He explained, “The Greeks called on their gods to protect the seamen and the ships as they launched. The most notable Greek god of the sea was Poseidon; he should be honored with a symbol of a blessing.” The blessing was a bottle of red wine to honor the Gods and as the boat hit the inlet Andrew began to pour the wine into the ocean after taking a drink himself to salute the Gods.

After the superstitions the trip was finally underway. Captain Bob Mormile steered the ‘LizAnne’ across the Gulf Stream heading straight into 20-30 knot winds and 3’-5’ seas. He averaged 20-25 knots as she pierced her way into the Caribbean on course to the boats port #1, West End Grand Bahamas. The West End is one of the first ports coming across the Gulf from Palm Beach. It is very small and not much around other than a couple slips, beach, and a hotel. After going through the long process of registering and going through customs, the crew decided to prepare for the next day fishing and call it a night.

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