Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maiden Voyage Part 2

Day 2

Fish Day. As the ‘LizAnne’ left port on the first fish day there seemed to be a feeling of anxiety in the air as everyone kept to themselves. Each crew member knew this day would be the day of the first fish caught, but nobody wanted to seem overconfident. When the call for “lines in” came you could tell there was a bit of confusion. Mike and Andrew paced from port to starboard anticipating lending a hand as Captain John, who was handling the cockpit at the time, was hustling around the rods, dropping the riggers, and throwing the baits. Capt John seemed very comfortable navigating himself around the bait boxes and fighting chair, then again he did build the boat, as Mike and Andrew tried to find their place. Breaking in and finding your way around a boat that had never been fished is tough, comparing it to buying a new truck and driving it across country trying to figure out where the best place to put your soda and which compar
tment holds the coins. It’s an adjustment that will take time as you fish more.

Once all the lines were in it became a waiting game. It was already predetermined that Bob Sr. would be reeling in the first fish. Some of the crew became nervous when Sr. began to practice catching the big fish while quoting a fishing show he saw, “you need to put your rod
tip down and pump the rod back and forth.” He was blind to the idea of circle hooks and its benefits. With that said the moment finally came; Capt John was checking the bait on the flat line as he began to reel. With a loud shout you heard, “FISH ON,” and the crew took position. Mike and Andrew starting to clear the major lines and Bob Sr., coming out of the salon [kitchen], rushing over to take the rod. When he was reeling in you could tell it wouldn’t be a long fight. No one was too sure what it could be until Bob Jr. yelled, “it’s a Wahoo,” from the helm. The crew prepared the deck to gaff the fish. “Flap, Flap, Flap” was the sound as the 20lb Wahoo was hitting the deck. A congratulations and a sign of relief was felt from the crew of the ‘LizAnne’.

When the fish was tamed and ready to be held, the cockpit turned into the red carpet. Champagne, video, and digital cameras came out as each crew member took turns with the famous Wahoo. If anyone was watching they would have thought the crew caught the world record as they celebrated the catch.

Check back for part 3….

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